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'Speculative Fiction', a z-code game by Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack.

The genre is Pratchett-esque amusing fantasy. The implementation feels very rough, but not buggy.

The idea is that you are both the consciousness of an unconscious wizard as well as his raven familiar. This leads to some confusion - the narrator seems to be the raven most of the time - eyeball jokes abound - but 'x me' leads to examining the wizard.

I am ashamed to say that I resorted to the walkthrough very early in order to get out of the first room. The following is the pertinent part of the room description:
Not a Dungeon
It's drafty, being up in the tower [cut]
 The door looks pretty sturdy. 
There's some light coming into the 
room from a window about, uh, twice your height up. 

The following commands don't work: fly to window, exit, fly up, fly out, fly down, down (initially, it will work subsequently). The correct phrase with preposition is 'fly through window'.

There are a few other odd non-specified things: I assumed wrongly that the salt would be able to be used more than once once picked up, and there's no indication that the room called Cottage is south of Farmland, which is only odd because the Barn is singled out in the description.

This has the potential to be a fun game - does the narrator switch from raven to the wizard? Or are there things the raven can do that the human can't, and ergo we stay the raven? If the raven acts just like a human, well, so it goes, but there's some fun to be had here. I think it does need some beta-ing to gain an outsider's perspective on things like what I've mentioned above - it's virtually impossible for a writer/programmer (even team) to catch all of them because they know the inner workings too well.

Opinion: right now, theoretically in the middle. It's not broken anywhere I could find, but I had a tough time getting into it because I couldn't get out of the room so early on. I'd like to see a fuller version, though.


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