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'Choice of the Petal Throne' is a ChoiceScript game, written by Danielle Goudeau.
It is inspired by M.A.R. Barker's 'Tekumel' world, which I think makes it a little harder for me to give this an end-rating.

This is what I know: I can tell there's a rich world building behind here, but it's not written by the game's author. That's okay. You can have fan-created works that really work in the setting, are of the setting of a world, or you can have fan-created works that could be ported practically anywhere. The latter are much weaker. As I don't have any grounding in the Tekumel background, I'm taking it for granted that it feels pretty well ingrained without being too overwhelming for someone unfamiliar. (It does remind me of Richardo Pinto's series, which I happen to be rereading now, with a notable amount of non-Euro background to the mythology and world.)

I feel like there's a lot going on here, and what this part of the game played at was all the stuff that in completed ChoiceScript games is 'character building'. It helps define how well you'll do later on, what choices will be available, etc. I feel good about this, though. Maybe using someone else's setting means the author gets to focus more on action and doing stuff and not having to be bogged down with much world-creation.

Final assessment: Yes, I think I would like to play a full-sized game of this. In fact, I played through a few times to see what differences might appear already. Do I think it might be a ginormous game? Yes. No problem. I'm still waiting for some of the official 'Choice Of...' games to be complete, and I think they're fun romps.

Plus, I don't have to draw maps. Huzzah.


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