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Exile is a ChoiceScript game by Simon or Simski (depending on where I look this up.)

The setting is somewhat fantastic; it feels slightly familiar, but not enough for me to put my finger on it other than bits of this and that. That's fine. I actually love the abandoned desert setting; it's very surreal and modernist at the same time and I'm fans of that.

The characters are fine; I'm not really into the Lady of the Lake, but I like the feeling I'm getting from the others. I don't know quite how I'd personally tweak her character.

Unfortunately, this is not a 'Choice Of' game, or interactive fiction. I don't seem to be able to do anything to change what happens next, and I don't see evidence of the character building stage that I've come to expect in these games. If the story forked or I saw character building, I'd be happy, but I don't see evidence of either right now.

Final Assessment: I can't say either way whether I'd like to see this game completed. I'd really want to see evidence of interactivity. Right now it's a bit of a railroaded story-line - I can choose any option and it will keep presenting me with them until the right one, or the few that moves the story along - is chosen.


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