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The Z-Machine Matter is a Glulx game by Zack Urlocker submitted to IntroComp 2011.

I think it's the largest game submitted, as well; it certainly feels large, and I put off playing it because of its perceived size.

There are a few interesting errors:
"This whole thing reminds me of 
a case I worked in LA back in '38, 
before the war...."

>ask duffy about 38
"Mr Dollar, what do you make 
of that?  It's German, am I right?"

I understand now that a gun appearing significantly later is 'the' .38, but it threw me. I know, keep to the highlighted terms, right? But the game is so full that while the highlighted terms may be important, a lot of things have at least some description. There are also some occasions concerning people with the same last name - I hadn't heard of one yet, but I suppose if I'm in character, I would have possibly known about them.

These are big game problems. The writing is good. The homages are pervasive - maybe a bit too much, I thought at first, but this feeling dissipated in the depth of the story so far.

Do I want to see more? This is huge! But absolutely, I want to see this out.

When I finished playing, I read through the transcript and discovered that one character's attitude may change towards the protagonist based on initial interactions. Perhaps not much, but the way he talks to you may signal internal mechanisms that maybe affect later behavior. If so, this is great. If not, even the surface changes are a sign of really well-thought-out and comprehensive design.
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