5 Jul 2011

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IntroComp was started in 2002 - a full history can be found here at the IFWiki. It is for started games, and I think it's kind of nifty that the winner is not a 100% winner until her or his game is finished within a year.

Only thirteen games and I'm in a bit of summer semester lull, where I'm working reasonable hours...sounds like I'll try to do some reviews! It's my first time reviewing games outside the big IFComp but this little netbook doesn't handle much more gaming...nor does it need to.

I just downloaded the packet and I checked Em Short's blog, but I haven't done anything else yet. I note that there are some ChoiceScript games, which I'm not opposed to, but I have to say, I find they have a different feel than more traditional IF games. I rather like some of the ones I've played - I've disliked some as well - but they feel different to me. I'll mark them as Choice of... in the header of each.

On with the games!

First: I have not beta tested any of the games in IntroComp 2011.

Second: I am politely recusing myself from writing a review for 'Seasons'.

I've randomized the game list and come up with the following sequence:
X - Chunky Blues
X - Speculative Fiction
X - Z-Machine Matter (delayed due to size)
X - Petal Throne (CO)
X - Exile (CO)
X - Of Pots of Mushrooms (CO)
X - Zombies (CO)
X - Bender
X - Parthenon
X - Gargoyle (CO)
X - Stalling for Time
X - Despondency Index
All reviews will be tagged with introcomp2011 tags, like this entry is.
X - played and review up.
o - played and review pending.
__ - not played yet.
cobaltnine: interactive fiction 2008 descriptive icon (comp 2008)
Chunky Blues, subtitle: A Triumph of the Human Spirit, is a Glulxe game written by Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu.
Review Inside... )


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