12 Jul 2011

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'Of Pots and Mushrooms' is a ChoiceScript game by 'Devi and Maya'.

I'm going to be honest - this is big, there may be some shred of a plot underneath it, but it feels like walking into a big, crowded and cluttered dorm room.

It's happened to everyone who lived on campus, especially a large one. Someone has notes, or a lamp you're buying, or found the sweatshirt you left in the lecture hall, and you're very briefly in a dorm room that isn't familiar, and it's a goddamn mess. There's more there than needs to be and someone's in the corner laughing madly at Adventure Time or whatever the kids watch these days when they feel like being amateur herbalists and you just want to do what you have to and get out; you don't feel threatened, but goddamn it's annoying, especially that kid who has the most annoying laugh ever devised.

The game kind of feels like that to me. Especially the laughing. Oh, and the casual homophobia. That's really pointless.

Final Assessment: I'd probably not play this if it was completed.
cobaltnine: interactive fiction 2008 descriptive icon (comp 2008)
Choice of Zombies is a ChoiceScript game by Heather Albano.

I think the deciding factor in ChoiceScript games is that because many of them are so fast, especially given that these are just previews, if I replay because I want to, and I know it's only going to take me ten minutes, that's a good sign.

If I find out that the prose actually changes when I go from a character with one background ( = set of skills, which is better than 'What are your skills?') in this trailer of a full game? That's pretty awesome. The prose is, so far, among the best I've seen in an unofficial CS game.

Also, I dealt with the New England Snowpocalypse this winter, so I'm biased in favor of details like 'of course there is a shovel in your trunk.'

There was one instance of the code scrap '(tempsafelocation)' that came up, and one or two typos, but nothing to distract from play.

Final Assessment: I'd absolutely play this fully through when complete.


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