24 May 2017 10:55
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I don't have Photoshop at home anymore so I misused work resources for this. I have so many feelings about this kid and his life choices.

Also, [community profile] fe_fest opened for claiming! I took a short list of claims for now, trying not to overwhelm myself too much:
Any / Any – Band AU.
Ike / Soren – Sharing body heat.
Tibarn / Reyson – Cursing in the Ancient Tongue during sex.
Niles / Leo – Save a horse, ride an outlaw.

The band AU is probably going to wind up Reyson/Naesala because they'd be super hot together but I can't find a way to make it work satisfyingly in canon after all the Things That Happen Between Them.

ALSO, even though I only left about a dozen prompts, several of them have been claimed, one of them twice, and I'm super jazzed about that. Magepile on Saber pls \o/

Then this morning I also snagged a single claim at [community profile] smallfandomfest; they don't have much in their prompt list for JRPG fans (if you're into small book or TV fandoms tho there's loads), but they did have a prompt for the MC of Strange Journey and his relationships with his demons. I'm always here for relationships with demons.

This cycle of near-silence and then swinging back into "sign up for all the things!" is so familiar now that you'd think I'd recognize it before it swung back into this phase. But no, every time I'm in the lull phase I wonder if I've just lost the ability to write forever. It's not forever, self, it's just the winter. The sun and your brain will both return.

FE Echoes

23 May 2017 09:05
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I'm actually playing a game at release! Weird.

I'm...about 20 hours into Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia now; I got to the opening narrative of Act 4 on the morning commute (and then backtracked to visit the blacksmith before I take on the first story battle of the act).

Mechanically, most things are good! It's a little weird to be playing FE with no weapon triangle; I'm guessing it wasn't part of the mechanics in the original Gaiden release and they didn't change things to add it in the remake. (OTOH it's nice to be playing FE and have most of the enemy archers unable to do bonus damage to my magic ponies.) I wish it were easier to get my hands on good weapons; Celica's party is mostly well equipped but I would be super grateful for another good lance or two and another bow for Alm's. I am infinitely, infinitely grateful for casual mode, without which I probably would have given up in despair very early on. (I will beat my head against SMT difficulty endlessly, but the caution FE's permadeath requires is beyond me.)

Storywise, or really mostly about characters/relationships )
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They gave me "Cannibalism" on my [community profile] tic_tac_woe card. >_>

Kamen Rider Amazons
~1000 words no sex; canon-typical violence
Jin-centric gen
AU, no identifiable spoilers?
His boots crunch on broken glass as he walks up to stand between the Amazon and the woman it's cornered. "Greedy," he says, and the Amazon hisses at him. "You're not the only one who's hungry, you know."

Acquired Taste )

assorted fandom bits

16 May 2017 13:49
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1) Brief [community profile] nonconathon squee: nothing graphic tho )

b) I read all of Kill Six Billion Demons yesterday and I don't know why I hadn't done so before. I'm so hype for weird riffs on religion and the supernatural and heroes of prophecy not being what the major players are expecting, and every time Al-Ys-Un gets to be badass it's like fireworks in my heart, and 82 White Chain is my precious favorite character who needs a hug and some good friends and some war lipstick. Also Cio is a darling. Also the core cast is accumulating a really solid group of more-female-than-not characters to bicker and have adventures and support each other against this fantastic backdrop. Now I'm going to be mad that it doesn't update faster.

iii) I finished the Chaos ending of Shin Megami Tensei IV last night. feelings ) ...anyway. That happened.

four) Debating signing up for [community profile] raremaleslashex and the debate mostly goes "seriously, do you actually need encouragement to write more m/m?" on one side and "but all my fandoms and pairings are pretty dang rare" on the other. Maybe I'll put some things in the tag set, and work up a signup, and if I'm not matchable I'll just figure it wasn't meant to be.



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